summer summer summer time…

with summer having been in full swing these last few weeks, i recall the words sung by will smith, “summer summer summer time summer time”, and have had the chance to see folks out and about on all form of bike. most enjoying the fair weather aboard their steed (i say most because on some of the warmer days i saw some hot peeps with nothing but hot cement or black top keeping them company) i hope that you have had the chance to go on a nice ride, or even just a quick trip to the store, aboard your ride. just last weekend some 18,000 people took part in the bridge pedal. riding up and down our city’s many bridges. i heard that sunrise on top of the fremont bridge was spectacular! ride on, it’s part of what summer is all about, even if you were not born and raised in west philadelphia.

what adventures have you been on?

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2 thoughts on “summer summer summer time…

  1. Julie Overby says:

    I am going backpacking this weekend, a much anticipated first-time adventure. Two nights on Mt. Hood. We are heading to a place called Paradise Park. I am excited, but a little nervous! Are there bears on Mt. Hood? Will they leave me alone if I give them bouquets of wildflowers?

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